Since 2010

Turismo Maritimo del Pacifico (TM Tours) is a family company based in Puntarenas, Costa Rica.


Capt. Marco Guzman founded Turismo Maritimo del Pacifico in 2010 becoming one of the longest-running tour operators in the Central Pacific – Adventure Tours provides the ultimate experience for your vacation – complementing your Costa Rica vacation with the country’s most popular attractions: Isla Tortuga, San Lucas Ex-prison island, Biolumuniscence night boat tour,  sportfishing, mangrove boat tour and more.


We currently have two sportfishing boats, Don Quito I and Doña Mary V., both luxury, central console boat.

Costa Rican vessels were built to safety specifications approved by the local Authority and are fully insured by the INS in spanish: «Instituto Costaricense de Seguros».


¡We have the perfect one-day tour waiting for you!

 TM Tours’s co-worked have, on average, over 12 years of travel experience. We pride ourselves on having the best customer service to make sure our clients are in the best of care — no matter their travel needs. We have the perfect complement for honeymoons, family trips, and business travel.  We use our experience to provided memorable trips.

In all our tour you will be accompanied by the most experienced guides all locals. They have full knowledge about the animals of the area, best secrets spots from locals and treasures that you will discover during our trip. 


Our Fleet

Don Quito I – Build By Capt. Peter Maggie,  have a capacity for up to 18 passengers.


Doña Mary V. – Designed and build by Taller Nautico del Pacifico, Capt. Guzman boat repair company, this boat is a 39 feet central console sportfishing boat with a new model called » WAHOO CR», can seat up to 35 passengers.